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Here are some of my pictures!

Me and Julia

Me and Dani laughing it up!!

ME being ME!

What a good looking bunch.

My Friend Seiko

Me and my BIG SMILE!!!

Me and my cousins, Amanda and Shane

MOM, turn off the flash!

Are we still in Time Out?

Me and Mom-Mom

Dad, when can I get out of this box??

Yo Baby!!

Brought to you courtesy of the Red White and Blue

Me Mom and Dad at Graduation

I didn't mean to kick Paul, I swear

Probably talking to Pop!

I am NOT pinching him!

Quite the poser, aren't I?

Sweet Princess

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Let me outta here!

Party Animals!

Uh, I need a napkin here please.

OK cute boys out there, who wants to be King???

Me, Ashley, Amanda and Baby Rylee

Me and Pop Pop

Me and Granny L

Paul, how did we get in this circle?

Me, mom, mom mom and my friends at Jefferson!!

I am the luckiest sister in the world!