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All About Me!
Hello everyone. This is the "About Me" page so I will tell you all about me beginning with my birth through now...because, helloooooo, it IS all about me, right? So anyway, this is what they tell me happened when I was real little (we have to just believe 'em 'cause I was way too young to remember all this stuff on my own).

I was born on August 23rd of 1998 and joined our family: my big brother Paul Jr. and my mom and dad (mom's name is Terry, dad's name is Big Paul; if you ever met him you would understand why he is called that). I was born with chunky red rosey cheeks and great big eyes; a real cutie.

Well, just about the time I turned six months old I was kind of unhappy a lot. My family took real good care of me and all but I was just upset all the time and was not moving my left arm and hand as I should have been. Mom took me to the doctor who said I should get a x-ray thing just as a "precautionary measure" (yep, I had help with those words!) figuring it was growing pains or something. The day was Friday, March 12th, 1999. The picture showed a "mass" or a "tumor" (grown up words for a blob) the size of a golf ball under my left shoulder area. The doctors said it was cancerous (by now, we all know what that means don't we), called PNET (primitive neural ecto dermal tumor-how's that for a four year old). What can I say, I am a girl of knowledge and experiences way beyond my years just ask my mom and dad.

Back to the story...

After an operation to remove the biggest part of the blob, I had to do six rounds of chemotherapy (we spent a long hot summer at St. Christophers). When the treatments were all done I had to have another operation to remove the rest of the blob and make sure the cancer did not grow anymore. The operations and the treatment really stunk but were successful. I was going in for "scans" every couple of months to make sure that darn PNET did not come back. All was great until four years later, almost to the day...

On Tuesday, March 11th, 2003, after a couple of months of my left arm and hand hurting again, an MRI showed that the blob is back. Again, it is a golf ball under my left shoulder but this time, it has "fingers" on it. So here we are again. I will need two more operations and more chemotherapy treatments, maybe some radiation too.

There is so much more to tell you about myself. But just not enough hours in a day to describe how adorable and smart I am and to tell you the very funny things I say (hopefully SOMEONE is writing these things down, it could be very valuable someday ya know, especially when I become famous, even more famous than I am now).

That about brings us up to date. The Updates page takes it from here. Thanks for visiting with me.